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JAN BULLARD & SUZANNE NOVIK have been designing together since 1998. Jan heads all kitchen, bath and built-in design projects for Suzanne Novik Interiors. Together they have collaborated on numerous projects coordinating all of the details from conception to completion leaving no stone unturned.

There is always a bit of magic about their interaction when in the design process. "It’s like I'm a spark and you're a spark and together we make fire" Novik said when the inspiration hit to embellish lamp shades with jewelry components. A tear sheet came in the mail from a lamp supply company featuring new chain designs. "Wouldn't a lamp shade look great adorned with chain?" Suzanne asked Jan. Sparks-flying dialogue continued and with the added plus of Jan's expertise in jewelry making, "The Harmony Shade Collection" was born.

"We can keep on designing with no end in sight" said Bullard of their designing future. "We have infinite ideas for collections and home accessories to enhance with embellishments " she continues.

Jan and Suzanne's passion for the creative process shows through in all of their designs. They believe that this fashion forward statement will lead the way towards the future of high-end design.

Be on the lookout for more exciting designs from Jan and Suzanne.

                                             They're on Fire!

J&S Design Studio, DBA Suzanne Novik Interiors.

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